Basic Cleaning

Move-in Move-out cleanings and Rental Turnovers

A move-i move-out cleaning includes the entire kitchen; oven, stove, hood, cabinets (inside and out), selves (top and bottom), under the oven drawer,behind the refridgerater, counters, and sinks. A thorough cleaning a the bathrooms, closets, all cabinets, fans, light fixtures, walls, mirrors, windows, and floors, vents, baseboards, and removal of all trash. Carpet cleaning is not included. 

I would prefer to  see pictures of the property or vist the property to give a more acurate estament. Please have the house cleared.

The cleaning products I provide are eco-friendly and do not have strong smells. If you prefer other products please provide them.

A basic cleaning includes dusting everythig in cluding fans, baseboards, Knickknacks, picture frames, and electronics. Everything will be moved for a more thorough dusting. All glass and mirrors will be cleaned.The bathrooms will be cleaned including all tiles on the walls. I will remove all soap scum from bathtubs and showers. All counters and appliances will be cleaned in the kichen including the inside of the microwave. Floors will be sweep, mopped, and vaccuumed. If you have hardwood floors they will be treated. Floor treatment must be provided. I have found that pledge works the best. I will change all sheets and do one load of laundry. Everytime I come I will clean one thing extra of your choice. I have no problem providing the cleaning supplies. There will be a $10 fee for a one time basic cleaning.

For new construction the house must be seen in order to get an estimate.

New Construction or remodeling

This includes everything in a Move-in Move- out clean along with removing all construction debree and dust.

Junk removal available for an additional fee